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On May 4th, Chuck's Wagon BBQ participated in Ace Hardware's Biggest Grilling Event of the Year. We had the pleasure of cooking some tasty samples at Miller's Ace Hardware in Northampton, PA. Miller's was gracious enough to provide us one of  their Traeger Ironwood 885 smoker/grill that they have in-stock. To showcase the versatility of the Traeger, we served a Smoked Salmon Dip (we smoked the salmon on the Traeger that morning), a Smoked and Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Beer and Mustard Glaze, and Tequila Lime Chicken. 

I want to thank everyone that came out for this great event and tasted our samples, along with the other food samples that made by the crew at Miller's Ace Hardware. 

If you were not fortunate enough to get one of the recipe cards that we had available to hand out, please check our Recipes Page for those tasty recipes.

Schools almost out for Summer and its time to start cooking


Well, schools is out and summer is almost here.  Chuck’s Wagon BBQ is ready with our sauces for your summer cook out.  We have our Barnyard BBQ sauce, Burning Barnyard Chipotle BBQ sauce and our Carolina Barnyard Gold mustard sauce ready. Each are available for $7 a jar*. 

This year we are offering two new sauce deals for our fans to enjoy our sauces even more 

 The first deal is if you buy any three jars of our sauces, you only pay  $20*. Nice and simple and requires no extra cash, just a $20 dollar bill. 

Our second deal we are offering is if you buy a case, 12 jars, of our sauces you only pay $75*.  That’s just $6.25 a jar!!! AND delivery within 10 miles of Bethlehem, PA is FREE. Or you can pre-order this deal and pick it up at the Nazareth Farmer's Market in Nazareth, PA starting May 25, 2019. 

So stock up today so that you are ready to host any bbq gathering at anytime. 

*If you are purchasing any of these deals off of our website, applicable shipping charges will apply.

Start of the 2019 BBQ and Grilling Season

Barbecue and grilling season is just upon us. So it's time to get sauced. Chucks Wagon BBQ will be vending our handcrafted BBQ sauces at the Nazareth Farmer's Market in Nazareth, PA every 4th Saturday of the month, starting on May 25th. 

We will have our Barnyard BBQ, Barnyard Chipolte and our Carolina Barnyard Gold sauces available to sample and buy.  


At this time, we do not have any competitions coming for 2019. Please check back as this may change


My son is a very picky eater and does not like any sauces or condiments on his chicken. He likes it "naked". One night, my wife did not remember to make any chicken without your Barnyard BBQ sauce on it. My son bit into the chicken and said "mommy, this is the best chicken you have ever made." We not put only your BBQ sauce on the chicken for him.

Chris B

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