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We started out as a catering company serving some of the finest BBQ to people right in their own homes and businesses. Since there wasn’t a BBQ sauce available commercially that we liked, we made own. People enjoyed it. We then decided to tackle the competition BBQ circuit and we found that our sauce was liked by the judges more and more each year we competed.  After years of testing and perfecting our BBQ sauces with our clients and contest judges, we now offer our sauce to the rest of the BBQ world. 

     Where there is smoke, there is Chuck’s Wagon BBQ

Contests-- 2017

American Royal BBQ Sauce Contest-- May 7th, 2017 

And the results are in…  A record setting 606 entries traveled  from across the country and around the world to compete for the title  of "Best Sauce on the Planet" in the 30th Annual American Royal World  Series of Barbecue® Sauce Contest. On May 7, 2017 a group of 70  Certified Barbecue Judges assembled at the American Royal to participate  in a blind tasting. As a first time entrant, Chuck’s Wagon BBQ Barnyard BBQ Sauce took 122 place out of 218 in the Mild Tomato, coming in ahead of such great competitors as Guy Fieri Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce and Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que Habanero.

 Also, Chuck’s Wagon BBQ Burnin’ Barnyard Chipotle BBQ Sauce to 90th  place out of 145, coming in ahead of such great competitors as Oklahoma  Joe’s Loco Hot Sauce and the Memphis Barbecue Company Spicy BBQ.  There were so many great entries and we are extremely happy that we  placed as well as we did in our first sauce contest. Like our first BBQ  cooking contest, we will continue to strive to place higher and higher  until we have reached our very best. Thank you for everyone’s love and support. Bring on the BBQ season, Chuck’s Wagon BBQ is ready.

New Holland Summerfest, New Holland, PA


7th Place Ribs-- New Holland Summerfest 2016